Perram Electric was started in 1986 by Joyce and Dale Perram with the concept of providing a unique service in the electrical contracting industry.  It is our constant goal to provide our customers with high quality end products.

However, what the industry was lacking, was a highly ethical contractor; one that did what it said it would do.

PLiving up to the specifications, showing up on time, completing the project before the deadlines, and standing behind our product have been some of the outward ways we are striving towards our goals. We also realize that our goals are only reached through the efforts of our coworkers.

Our company's approach is to bring everyone into the decision making process, and have them share in the fruits of our labors. Our company is now 36 people strong with a third of that number here more than 10 years!

We are headquartered in Sharon Township, Medina County, Ohio.